TruSpark is designed for students in their early- to mid- teens or grades 7-10. For older teens and young adults, please visit our sister company TruMotivate.

The TruSpark curriculum is designed to engage students on a short 3-4 hour journey that will change their lives.

TruSpark focuses solely on Core Motivations and careers that match those Core Motivations. TruSpark is not a complete life skills course but provides an important component that most life skills courses omit— self-awareness and self-acceptance centering on an individual’s inner drives. 

The curriculum is online, guided, and self-paced so your teen can work independently.

TruSpark is a trait-based assessment and therefore is designed to measure enduring traits. It is not necessary to take TruSpark more than once every several years. For those in their later teens or early 20s, consider taking TruMotivate instead, a slightly longer and more rigorous story-based assessment. Your purchase of an assessment allows for one run through the test. To retake it, please purchase additional assessment credits.

For best experience, use a tablet or desktop browser to take the assessment.

Occupations and careers can be described by the activities it takes to do the job. TruSpark looks at the motivations and behaviors that people enjoy in their work and aligns those to the activities and descriptions across a broad variety of occupations and careers to return recommendations that closely align with the things they may enjoy and find engaging. A team of motivational practitioners was assembled, along with experts in the area of assessment and the O*Net to “cross the data” or “map the data” of motivational traits to the most up to date and robust data base on careers ever assembled.

O*NET is an interactive tool for job seekers and students to learn more about their career options. The site has tasks, skills, salary information, and more for over 900 different careers. For a more interactive and age appropriate experience, students will learn how to use the O*NET derivative called MyNextMove that helps our younger audience navigate and use the power of the O*NET.

Between 10-15 minutes. It’s easy! Think of a story, write down a few thoughts, and then begin sorting and ranking the motivations that are at work within you.

The TruSpark assessment has shown an impressive amount of accuracy. When compared to the more lengthy tool TRUMOTIVATE, which is used for college and career exploration and decision making for late teens and early 20-year-olds, the results are very promising with very high correlation levels between the core motivations. We have borrowed many of those insights and have put them to work for younger students through TruSpark.

With their TruSpark results, teens can begin the connection between their unique identity and the jobs that mesh well with their Top 3 Motivations.

The TruSpark Curriculum provides teacher/parent insights and a multitude of activities and exercises to expand on the results. If you’ve already purchased your assessment and want to buy the curriculum alone, please email customer service at info@truspark.me.

Yes, the TruSpark assessment works for all ages to reveal “core motivations”.

Absolutely! Whether we try or are even aware, our motivations are at work in almost everything we do. Parents and teachers teach through their motivational lens! For example, if you have Achiever in your Top 3, you will teach in such a way as to exceed expectations and you will also expect that your student/child wants to exceed your expectations (which may or may not be true, depending on where this core motivation ranks for them). 

Because TruSpark is a digital product, refunds are not issued after purchase. All sales are final. To be sure that TruSpark is a good fit for your needs, please read the FAQ on this page and preview the curriculum sample here

“I loved the conservations I had with my son while completing this assessment.” —Lorraine Quinones

Lorraine Quinones

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TruSpark’s fun and interactive assessment process starts with stories and ends with powerful, life-changing insights.




It takes just 15 minutes to find out what motivates your teen! Results show the top three motivations + ideal careers for each.