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You are motivated to give your absolute best as you go above and beyond what’s expected.


You are motivated to be the key person who holds things together and gives them meaning or direction.


You are motivated by the process of building and developing things from start to finish.


You are motivated to master a skill, subject, or technique.


You are motivated to explore beyond the existing limits of your knowledge and experience to discover what is unknown to you.


You are motivated when you can look at a finished project and know that you have accomplished your goal.


You are motivated to fix something that is broken.


You identify and fulfill needs, requirements, and expectations.


You seek to shape and make an impact in the world around you.


You consistently seek to make things better and enhance them.


You are motivated when you feel that you have influenced someone’s thoughts, feelings or behaviors.


You are motivated to understand, define, and then communicate your knowledge.


You are driven to identify unused ideas and bring them to life.


You want to set up a smooth-running operation.


Your sense of achievement comes from looking back over the challenges you have met.


You are motivated to capture the attention and interest of others.


You are motivated to learn something new and show that you can do it.

Team Player

You enjoy working with others towards a common goal.


You are motivated to live out your ideas and ideals.

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