Testimonials: What Parents Say About TruSpark

Parents who’ve used TruSpark with their middle schoolers and high schoolers are raving about the unique, story-based experience. 

After working through the personalized assessment and the corresponding curriculum, teens gain more self-insight, and parents learn how to better motivate them.

Plus TruSpark is a perfect springboard for career exploration


“…based on the information I gathered from TruSpark, I now know that I really need to go ahead and sign my son up for the coding classes that he’s been asking about.” 

Mama Jenn

“TruSpark really helped expand my preconceived thoughts on what makes my daughter tick.”

Heather Gerwing

“This tool has opened a whole new door into career exploration for us.”

Laura Visirin

TruSpark has helped us find solid options for our teen to pursue after graduation. We were thrilled to find out she had more options than we had initially thought of, too!”

Courtney Messick

“The results helped me understand my teens better. And I know it helped them gain more self-awareness and self-acceptance, too!”

Gena Mayo


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