Understand what truly drives your student and how to better motivate them.

What sparks your student’s core motivations, captures their interest, and draws them into activities they love and do well? Recognize and celebrate the unique motivations of your early- or mid-teen to assist them with self-awareness and career exploration.

TruSpark has helped us find solid options for our teen to pursue after graduation. We were thrilled to find out she had more options than we had initially thought of, too!”

Courtney Messick


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Self-awareness and self-understanding around motivations lead to better decision making in many realms:

How one shows up and contributes to a family, team, or group

Choosing activities that are life-giving and fulfilling

Finding an academic focus that is energizing and enjoyable

Pursuing smarter career exploration and preparation

The TruSpark Experience: What You Get

With the full TruSpark experience*, you get a robust, multi-day study that takes your teens first on an inner journey to discover more about their Core Motivations and then on an outward imagining of future career possibilities.

TruSpark Step 1. The Inner Journey

TruSpark is research-based and affordable.


Step 1. The Inner Journey

  1. You’ll start with the curriculum (look at a sample) for an introduction and help choosing the personal stories that are the backbone of the TruSpark assessment.
  2. Then you’ll move over to the online app where you input those stories and answer questions about them through a fun card sorting interface.
  3. At the end of the assessment process, the tool will analyze your answers and reveal your 3 primary Core Motivations.
  4. You may be shocked at how well the descriptions suit you! At this stage, you can download or print your unique TruSpark report.
  5. Now it’s back to the curriculum for discussion questions that help you dig deeper into your Core Motivations and encourage you to find ways to express them in daily life.
TruSpark Step 2. The Forward Exploration

TruSpark is your personalized guide for career exploration.


Step 2. The Forward Exploration

  1. Continuing through the curriculum, you’ll discover how Core Motivations (CMs) are the key to finding meaningful work.
  2. Then you’ll be guided through O*NET and My Next Move for career exploration, finishing the process with 3 career options that mesh with your particular CMs. Use the printable Career Fit worksheets to record your research!
  3. Document all you’ve learned by creating a Character Card that highlights your unique super powers. 
TruSpark Step 3. For Parents and Teachers

Prepare your teen for a fulfilling worklife by understanding Core Motivations.


Step 3. For Parents/Teachers

  1. Zero in on your teen’s top three CMs in the curriculum supplement How to Apply Your Teen’s Core Motivations. The tips and strategies outlined there will help you get maximum benefit from your TruSpark results, especially when it comes to helping your teen with school and extracurriculars. 
  2. Use the questions in the introduction for personal reflection
  3. Then engage your teen in a discussion about the applications, using the prompts provided in the supplement. 

*The full TruSpark experience relies on purchase of the assessment and curriculum bundle.

Energize self-discovery through a story-based, motivational assessment

TruSpark provides easily understandable and meaningful insights into core motivations.

The TruSpark Process

  1. Create your teacher / parent account
  2. Purchase curriculum and scoring
  3. Add students, assign the assessment
  4. Explore the results, guided by the curriculum (get a sample)

Three Phases of the TruSpark Experience

“This tool has opened a whole new door into career exploration for us.”

Laura Visirin

“My thirteen-year-old really got into the program and was excited to learn about himself and explore career options.”

Jessica Hawley

“The results helped me understand my teens better. And I know it helped them gain more self-awareness and self-acceptance, too!”

Gena Mayo

Your student is unique. So why follow a generic educational roadmap?

Because TruSpark starts with a teen’s own stories, the assessment is as distinctive as your child! It’s a one-of-a-kind, narrative-based assessment experience that combines a teen’s own personal stories with an interactive sorting process.

TruSpark uncovers the why

Other assessments focus on

  • Talents/Strengths = What skills we use
  • Personality = How we do what we do
  • Interests = What spheres we prefer to operate in

TruSpark reveals why we do what we do—our intrinsic drives and motivations.

TruSpark is mapped to O*NET

O*NET is a powerful tool from the U.S. Department of Labor which provides online resources to explore careers and analyze jobs. A TruSpark report lists occupational matches based on the top three motivations uncovered through the assessment. These career matches are linked to O*NET where teens can dig into the specifics of various jobs and envision future career paths.

What are Core Motivations?

  • Core Motivations (CMs) are what make you come alive.
  • CMs are a blueprint of why you do what you do.
  • CMs are the origin of a sense of meaning, joy, and fulfillment.
  • CMs spark your interest and show up as intrinsic drives.
  • CMs explain why you are motivated to do some activities and less motivated to do others.
  • Although CMs don’t define you, they do influence your behaviors and decisions.

See the 19 motivations >

Why is understanding your core motivations important?

The majority of people are not happy at work! Give your teen the self-awareness that makes for a fulfilling work life. The TruSpark tool directs teens to careers that they will enjoy and excel in instead of dread.

work satisfaction stat
work satisfaction stat

It’s time to stop guessing what motivates your student and create a life compass to guide their success.




It takes just 15 minutes to find out what motivates your teen! Results show the top three motivations + ideal careers for each.